Departamento de Estadística

The Deparment of Statistics of the Faculty of Mathematics UC, es the main group of research of the area in Chile. Its main lines of research are: Biostatistics, Statistic Computer Science, Statistical Education, Spatial Statistics, Genetic Statistics, Bayesian Inference, Psychometric and Educational Measurement, Time Series and Financial Applications, Asymmetric Distributions, Models with Variable Errors, Influence Diagnostics and Extreme values.

This deparment offers the bachelor and professianl degree in Statistics, Master and Doctoral programms in Statistics, and the Master in Actuarial Science.

The deparment of Statistic of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Pontificia Universidad de Chile has its origins on the Mathematics Institute founded in 1969, and under its wing, in 1972, the career of technician of Statistic was created.

In 1974, the Probability and Statistics Department was created, forming an autonomous unit led by Professor Carlos Prado. The same year, the career of Statistician was created.
With the creation of the Faculty of Mathematics, in 1982, the Probability and Statistics Department joined the Department of Statistics, until now.