Outreach Talks

2. (In Spanish) Matemáticas para no perder el control, Museo Fonck (Vina del Mar, 2016) and High Schools. (talk.pdf)
1. (In Spanish) ¿Qué es ser científico? ¿y matemático?, High Schools. See related VIDEO (talk.pdf)

Research Talks

7. PDE Control Methods: Stabilization Methods for KdV equation, Grenoble, 2017. (talk.pdf)
6. Control of infinite-dimensional systems, Valparaiso, 2016. (talk.pdf)
5. On the control of the Improved Boussinesq equation, Cali, 2016. (talk.pdf)
4. Control of some reaction-diffusion equations, Waterloo, 2015. (talk.pdf)
3. Control of higher-order PDEs: Korteweg-de Vries and Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equations, Paris, 2015. (talk.pdf)
2. Control of fourth-order parabolic control systems, Paris, 2014. (talk.pdf)
1. On the determination of the principal coefficient from boundary measurements in a KdV equation, Marseille, 2011. (talk.pdf)