Doctorate in Mathematics

Our PhD in Mathemathics offers a solid training in analysis, algebra and a deep formation in some of the areas of research of the program, which are approached in elective courses. Our students develop research skills in mathematics, particularly logical and analytical skills that allow formulating relevant problems and strategies to solve them. They also consolidate their skills to communicate the results of such research, for instance in the writing of articles, and in the presentation of talks or congresses.

The graduates of the Doctorate in Mathematics program graduate with a profile to work as academics and researchers in universities or research centers of international level.

The aims of the Doctoral program are:

  • Deliver basic and advanced knowledge in a broad spectrum of mathematics.

  • Develop logical, analytical and creative skills in our students for understanding and solving mathematical research problems.

  • To train autonomous researchers and scientists of international excellence.

The doctoral program in mathematics is accredited for seven (7) years, until September 2024. The degree conferred is Doctor in Mathematics.