The Faculty of Mathematics UC is the academic unit of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, whose aim is to develop and enrichment of the Mathematics and Statistic, through active researching and teaching, its own careers and extension activities. 

The Faculty has an academic staff of 45 ordinary professors, all of them with PhD. degrees. The adjoint staff counts with 20 full-time professors, most of them with mathematics or statistics PhD. and five of them with master degree. In addition, its has a group of partial-time professors with great experience in teaching.

The Faculty split in two deparments, one of mathematics and other one of statistic, whose directors are choosen by direct vote. It also counts with five directorades in charge of proffesors named by the Faculty dean: Research and Post graduate, Teaching, Teaching Managment, Extension and Computer and development. The faculty also has a Economic and Adminstrative Director.

The acamedicians reasearch following the leading tendencies of Mathematics and Statistics and they mantain close contact with important Research Institutes aboard.

There are five differents careers imparted Bachelor in mathematics, Bachelor in Statistic, which leads to the proffesional degree in Statistic, it joins to that five post-graduate programms: Master in Mathematics, Master in Statistics, Master in actuarial science and two Phd. programms, one in mathematics and one in statistics.

The teaching of the Faculty at the interior of the University reach every career and programm with some mathematic or statisict aspect, which means it teachs around 18000 students every year, distributed among 260 classes. It is a very important task, faced with proffesionalism and compromise. 

Finally, the extension labors leads to a relationship with the society through multiples activities aimied to the public and in special, stutends and teachers at the school. Moreover, the faculty support and organize mathematic contests including National and International Olympics.