Mathematics Dialogue

During 2017, all the members of the comunity that give shape to the Faculty of Mathematics UC were called to take part of the construction of a Strategic Plan of development for the period 2017-2022.

The directive staff carried out a self-evaluating process related to the managment, extension, teaching and research, delivering a complete report to the Superior Directorate of the University. The great challenges were identified during this process have served as programmatic axes  for the desing work of the plan.

Our plan, Our aims 

We, as faculty, gave the start, in 2017 July, to the publish stage of work for the colective construction of our strategic plan. We did it through an activity that we called "Nosotros también dialogamos", in direct reference to "La UC dialoga".  

Objective: We are aiming to create a place for the participacion, reflection and dialogue of our community regarding the strategic axes and raise our proposals as an input for the work of the next five years. Likewise, promote a culture of meeting and discussion to strengthen us a community of work. 

Methodology: It consists in open and thematic groups of work, focused on some of the four challenges, coordinated by a appropiated team.

As a result of the previous work, it was realized a report which summarize the contributions and comments arised of the collaborative work, available in on the intranet for the entire community to know. (SIAYA → Documentos → Plan de Desarrollo 2017-2021→ Síntesis Mesas de Diálogo)

All our community is invited to keep contributing with their opinions and comments to each academic area, through the comment section that can be accesed on "Plan de Desarrollo 2017-2021" on the intranet.

Thematic Axes:
Modernize the capacities of Institutional Management and strengthen the notion of Community, to achieve and make sustainable the challenges in people training, research, teaching service and relationship with society.
To enrich the impact of the scientific reasearch of our academics, in their specific areas of expertise as well as in interdisciplinary situations and posible applications. In addition, strengthen post graduate programms as a chanel of influence and spreading of the researching that is realized in the Faculty.
Establish an offer of professionals opportunities with a high employability level, which will have a real impact in the country development and the personal level of ours graduates.
Transform the acquired exprience in the masive teaching at the interior of the university in a transferable capacity which allows to lead the area at national level. obtaining as revenues an academic development of our teaching staff, a real public service experience and continuous improvement of our teaching processes and teaching management.