The mission of the Faculty of Mathematics UC is the development of the mathematics and statistics in its most wide sense, contributing to the scientific knowledge through reaserching; educating and training new investigators, researchers and proffesionals in its own under graduate and post graduate programms; teaching in the university and contributing to the society through extension activities.

Regarding research, the Faculty of Mathematics develop, own and interdisciplinary investigations, contributing to the general development of the discipline and affine areas. Likewise contribute to the solution of complex problems that the society face, promoting and creating optimal conditions for the new generations of the mathematicians and statiticians.

Regarding teaching, the Faculty has the aim of promote the analytic thinking of the students, granting them the  neccesary tools of the higher level, according each programm.

Finally, the Faculty of Mathematics owes to the valuable task of raising the cultural level of society, taking advantage of the different instances that allow contributing to the continuous improvement in the mathematical knowledge of various professionals, and through the applications of their disciplines.