Olivier Christian Francois Bourget

Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics, Universite Grenoble, Francia, 2002.
Profesor Asociado. Departamento de Matemática.
Oficina 132.
Teléfono +569 55041020.

Áreas de Investigación

Física Matemática

Publicaciones Seleccionadas

Asch, J., Bourget, O., Meresse, C. 2016. Stability of The Electron Cyclotron Resonance. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 8(2):607-623.
Astaburuaga, M., Bourget, O., Cortés, V. 2015. Commutation Relations for Unitary Operators I. Journal of Functional Analysis, 268(8):2188-2230.
Asch, J., Bourget, O., Joye, A. 2015. Spectral Stability of Unitary Network Models. Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 27(7):1-22.
Asch, J., Bourget, O., Joye, A. 2010. Localization Properties of The Chalker-Coddington Model. Annales Henri Poincaré, 11(7):1341-1373.
Bourget, O. 2005. Singular Continuous Floquet Operator for Periodic Quantum Systems. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 301(1):65-83.