Claudio Alonso Fernández Jaña

Ph.D. in Mathematics, University of Rochester, Rochester, USA, 1982.
Profesor Titular. Departamento de Matemática.
Oficina 306.
Teléfono +569 55045922.

Áreas de Investigación

Física Matemática

Publicaciones Seleccionadas

Astaburuaga, M., Astaburuaga, M., Bourget, O., Cortés, V., Fernández, C. 2008. Absence of Point Spectrum for Unitary Propagators. Journal Differential Equations, 244(2):229-241.
Astaburuaga, M., Bourget, O., Cortés, V., Fernández, C. 2006. Floquet Operators Without Singular Continuous Spectrum. Journal of Functional Analysis, 238(2):489-517.
Fernández, C., Raikov, G. 2004. On The Singularities of The Magnetic Spectral Shift Function At The Landau Levels. Annales Henri Poincaré, 5(2):381-403.
Fernández, C., Lavine, R. 1990. Lower Bounds for Resonance Widths in Potential and Obstacle Scattering. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 128(2):263-284.
Fernández, C. 1985. Resonances in Scattering By a Resonator. Indiana University Mathematics Journal, 34(1):115-125.