Our Doctorate in Mathematics curriculum is composed of 360 credits, which are broken down as follows:

  • 75 credits in minimum courses
  • 60 credits in elective courses
  • 225 credits of activities related to the development of the thesis

In addition, doctoral students must perform other activities and compulsory courses without credits for obtaining the degree of Doctor in Mathematics:

  • A Written Qualification Exam. This written exam must be given during the first year in which students are enrolled in the Doctorate program.
  • An Oral Candidacy Exam.
  • Follow-up Activities.
  • Three Transverse Skills Workshops, one of which must be of an ethical nature.
  • Certify English language proficiency at an advanced level (ALTE 3) and with application in academic fields.
  • Be the lead author in at least one scientific article under review in a mainstream journal or book.
  • Conduct a stay / research internship abroad with teams that work on topics relevant to their thesis.
For details of the curriculum and semester sequence download here