Historical Review

The Faculty of Mathematics has its origin in the School of Mathematics founded in 1966 as part of the Faculty of Ciencies and Mathematics. Later, in 1969, it was established as Institute of Mathematics, as part of the Faculty of Ciences recently created. During this part it accomplished for the first time to gather all the professors of mathematics and statistic of the University, allowing to take charge of the researching, teaching and extension in these two areas. 

Among the prime milestones in the development of the Institute, its arise the formation of the first group within Chile which research actively in mathematics, specially in the field of the mathematical logic in its beginnings. It also highlights the creation of the Master's and Doctorate program in Mathematics in 1972 and the first degree in Statistics in 1974.

The professors Hugo Finsterbush, Felipe Villanueva, Luis Gómez and Rolando Chuaqui directed the Institute. Between the years 1974 and 1980, the Probability and Statistics Department separated from the Institute, forming an autonomous department. It was directed by Professor Carlos Prado. In 1974, the title of Statistician was created.

In 1982, the Faculty of Mathematics was created. Its achievements include its consolidation as an active research center in several fields of mathematics and statistics; the sponsorship and creation of the first programs of searching for talented mathematicians in Chile; the creation of the Basic Cycle of Mathematics as a common plan to the Bachelor's Degree and to the Pedagogy in Mathematics in 1983; the creation of the Master in Statistics in 1986 and the Doctorate in Statistics in 1997, the first Spanish-speaking in Latin America.
Professors Rolando Chuaqui K. (deceased April 22, 1994), José López T., Claudio Fernández J., Guillermo Marshall R., and Martin Chuaqui F. have been deans of the Faculty.