Sistemas Dinámicos

Dynamical Systems is an important area of mathematics. Its origin can be placed with Poincaré's work on celestial mechanics at the end of the 19th century. The main objective of the filed is to understand the qualitative behavior of deterministic systems. The techniques, questions are varied and range from the use of probabilistic methods, to purely topological techniques. It is a discipline closely related to physics. For example, the methods and ideas of statistical mechanics have influenced the area.

On the other hand, dynamical systems have found applications in the most diverse areas of mathematics, from number theory to partial differential equations. The applications are varied, from finance to sociology. Parts of the theory of dynamical systems such as fractals and chaos has received great media attention in recent times. In the Faculty there is a group with diverse interests, with strong international networks, with seminars, congresses and guests that make it a perfect place to specialize in this subject.