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Applying Test Equating methods: using R


Jorge González & Marie Wiberg

Data Sets


Used in Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:  ADM1.Rda, ADM2.Rda, ADM12.Rda, KBneatX.Rda, KBneatY.Rda,                                                                   ADMneatX.Rda, ADMneatY.Rda


Used in Chapter 4: ADMnecX.Rda, ADMnecY.Rda



Used in Appendix A: ADMt.txt, ADMc.csv, ADMd.dat, ADMe.xls



R code and additional examples


Chapter 2: R code


Chapter 3: R code,


Chapter 4: R code,


Chapter 5: R code,


Chapter 6: R code,


Chapter 7: R code,


Appendix A: R code,





Please report any R code mistake or errata in the book to jorge.gonzalez@mat.uc.cl. Here is a list of found errata.       




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