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Submitted pre-prints 

1.    Regularity of Surface Mediatrices. Joint work with P. Herreros & J.J.P. Veerman (full PDF)
2.    An ergodic theorem for permanents of oblong matrices. Joint work with J. Bochi & G. Iommi (full PDF)
2.   Perfect Matchings in Random Bipartite Graphs in Random Environment. Joint work with J. Bochi & G. Iommi  (full PDF)

Ph.D. Thesis 

Courbes invariantes pour les dynamiques holomorphes fibrées, Université Paris Sud - XI. (full PDF)
Advisor: Jean-Christophe Yoccoz.
Defended in June 22, 2007.


1.    Breve introducción a la teoría de Mather sobre  Lagrangeanos. These notes were prepared during my  Mémoire de D.E.A., Université Paris Sud, under the supervision of Giovanni Forni. (full PDF)
2.    Movimiento de planetas y otras dinámicas de baja dimensión. Notes for a mini course in the  XXXVI Semana de la Matemática de Valparaiso, PUCV-IMA. (full PDF)
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5.    How circular are generalized circles.  Not intended for publication. (full PDF)
6.    Conjuntos equidistantes y cónicas generalizadas. Notes for a mini course  in the LXXXI Encuentro Anual de la Sociedad de Matemática de Chile.   (full PDF)

Conferences Organizing Committee 



1. Non-positive curvature, isometric actions and dynamics of cocycles, Cajón del Maipo, May 2013. (web site)
2. LX Dynamical Systems Colloquium, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Rodrigo Bamón, Pucón, Chile, November 2011. (web site)
3. Dynamics in Dimension Two, Pucón, Chile, April 2009. (web site)
4. LXXXIII Encuentro Anual Sociedad de Matemática de Chile,  Linares,  Chile, December 2014. (web site)